public transportation

    Inadequate navigation solutions

    In public transportation it is crucial for passengers to know their exact location, the fastest route to their destination and the costs of tickets or passes. It is especially important for tourists, who often get lost, because they misinterpret information.

    A great deficiency in public transportation is that people don’t get proper information about what’s happening on the roads . Roadblocks, diversions and the increased travel time cause bad experiences.

    Inefficient advertisements and information

    It can also be a problem, that the displayed advertisements seem to be inefficient. Banners placed at stops and stations mostly draw attention, but they have a huge waste coverage. These are static surfaces, which are not using the latest technological solutions.

    It would be important to provide tourists with information materials promoting local touristic attractions and to draw attention to current events and programs.

    Who is using public transportation?

    Inadequate data about passengers using public transportation bring further problems to solve.  There’s minimal and unreliable information about their demographics, habits or preferences.


    This is possible by using the devices and solutions designed and developed by Senso Media.

    At the most frequented spots, for example at stops and stations, we install outdoor or indoor Information desks for passengers so they can have access to information any time. We would like to provide a pleasant travelling experience for both locals and tourists.

    Information system - that helps everyone find what they’re looking for

    We install Double Digital Towers (DDT) at the most frequented areas, using RETAIL-NAVI software specifically developed for this purpose.

    • Directs you to the right place

      Integrated Google Maps system makes it possible to plan the shortest route, mark highlighted tourist attractions, inform users about possible disturbances in traffic, ensuring smooth traveling throughout the city.

    • Up-to-date information

      Passengers get real-time information, latest updates in different languages about transportation and ongoing events.

    • Ticket purchasing, reservation

      The frame of the device is modularly expandable, which means it can be equipped with NFC card reader, audio system or coupon printer if needed. This gives an opportunity to initiate the shopping process: users can buy tickets events, to the theatre, they can reserve their accommodation or print the needed papers.

    • Videos that catch attention

      While in interactive mode the software is capable of displaying informational videos or advertisements.

    • Data collection

      The industrial camera integrated in the device can recognize faces, sex, age and mood, therefore it can provide up-to-date, reliable and anonymous statistics on viewers of displayed content. The software also collects information on the searches conducted through its interface, collecting valuable usage statistics.

    • Tourist support

      Foreigners without data roaming can access multi-language navigation through the system.

    Building a media network – truly effective and selective publicity

    Besides establishing an information system, we build a network of digital media devices installed at a frequently used locations.

    Surfaces of the network provide significant advertising space, which can be rented out to agencies and marketing companies. According to a French study from 2012, these surfaces tend to be very efficient, because digital ads draw more than 2.5 times more people’s attention than common static ads.

    The system is based on the device with Digital Light Poster diameter, developed specifically for informational and promotional purposes.

    • Selective content to raise attention

      The industrial camera integrated in the device can recognize face, sex, age and mood of residents and tourists, and based on this information it can display advertisements targeted at their specific persona, selecting the potentially most effective advertisement in real time. Advertisements appear on an impressive 65\'\' display which is guaranteed to catch the attention of the audience.

    • Cost-effective and environment friendly

      Our devices display digital content, which means you can save the costs of printing advertisements – there are no additional costs after the visuals are created either you use one or a hundred devices.

    • Valuable statistics

      The system creates accurate and detailed statistic reports by observing viewers of the informational content. The device can recognize sex with 95%, age with 87% and mood with 95% accuracy.

    • Always up-to-date

      Videos can be updated and scheduled through active internet connection on the administration interface.

    • Movement analysis

      Based on information broadcasted by mobile devices the system can analyze movements of the residents and tourists inside the store anonymously. This information gives you the opportunity to know the behavioral patterns of residents and tourists. You will know what places are the most frequented and in what time periods, which routes inside the city they prefer to take, which attractions are the most popular and who visits them and so on.

    • Surveys and polls

      The local government can ask questions of its residents, create interactive surveys and in general it can ask for the opinion of the population in a cost-effective and easy way.


    Nowadays,  bus is the most common form of urban transportation by the population and tourists as well. That’s the reason why bus stops have become the number one target for advertising campaigns and promotions.

    In a world where paper banners are still used ineffectively for advertisement, Senso Media aims to create new ways towards an innovative advertising and information flow. Our interactive solutions are: touch screens, face, mood, age, and brand recognition as well as the intelligent LED lighting system.